Ereyesterday mum and I zipped over to Tulindberg for brunch with
her friend Jacinda at this little café with classy tables and real
tea. It's fairly bitter but Jacinda fixed it with this golden goop
she gets from buggos. It sounds horrid but its sweet-sweet.
Jacinda has a whole farm of them and has to wear a special outfit
when she visits them or they'll attack her. Razzy as damn, oikea?

Mum went through school with Jacinda and says they were best
mates, but I can't get a playdream of it. Jacinda's fab ruggd and
mum won't even let me try handball. Earnest truth, they're polar.

Anywise, Jacinda's got an actual cottage upside and says she'll
take us kiting up to the sails sometime. Mum nodded too, but I'll
wager she says no if it comes to it. Just a half-lun more and my
own tram and I'll wire Jacinda myself. I can just fancy myself on
a kite in the skies. Ezri's never done that. She'll piss!
Ruminate, oikea.

While mum sussed classy guz with her bestie I did some true
malevolence upon my brunch. Ezri would be inspired. Have any of
you had pancakes before? They're like a fluff of starch and egg
and rolled out flat. Sweet too, usually. Grandpa says the 'verse
has all different foods, but I hope you all have pancakes. They're
proper celestial as damn. We used some of Jacinda's golden buggo
sap on them and it was as good as the syrups. Real tea and
pancakes, playdream it.

Maybe after school I'll skid out to Jacinda's den and meet her
buggos and learn to be propper ruggd too. Ezri would lose it. It's
too far to tram but the zippers not so bad. I should suss it out
with grandpa. He's actually done guzzle with his lun, not like
some bodies I could mention. We're going cave fishing soon. I'll
try to remember to write you about it. Do you have caves where you