Oh wow. This is so razzy. Um, Hello Worlds! I'm Emmi.

I was digging through my grandpa's attic (we're here on holiday)
and he has all this raz old junk. There's a tab here with
a trillion books and beats from the classy days. He says some
bodies in the verse might still make guzzle like it, but I think
he was lying. He lies a lot.

Anywise, the score find for sure was this guz! It's a legit QEC
node. Classy as damn! It says so right on the face. There's even
these razzy clacky bits where you push in the messages. I am not
great at it yet. How did bodies do this all the time? Must have
had fab fingers back then.

I can't believe this guz still juices. It's gotta be like 3000
luns or more. Grandpa says it doesn't even need juice, that it can
juice from the other side, which has got to be goat shit. If you
could juice through the QEC we wouldn't need sails, oikea? He's
such a cod, but he says I can keep this so I guess he's razzy.

There's a bunch of wires in here to suss. Logs, I mean. That's
what the face says. I think there's an info bit in there too.
There's so many clacky bits. Is there a word for these? Grandpa
didn't know. Mum thought they were named triggers, but I think
those are only on the weapons. Maybe they're the same. Grandpa
says there's a lot of bodies out there with QEC guzzle still.
Maybe one of you can help me suss it.

We're here another half-lun, but then we head back home to Spöring
for my party. I hit 200 lun soon! Mum promised to get me a tram of
my own at 200. I hope it's red. Everything gets better after 200.
That's what the boys say. {{ O Emmi, it's raz past 200 }}. My
studies are almost done and once I get my own tram I'm taking
a trip with Johanna and Ezri to Mannerheim to see the skies. We
might even be able to take it on the surface a bit. I hope mum
gets the ruggd tram with the wheels. They're slower but then we
can go up-side in my very own tram! Can you even begin to

Ezri says that the boys might come too. I'm not sure. It'd be raz
as damn to see Leo in the city. Ezri says he's got a fancy, but
she's a fat liar too. Maybe when I hit 200 though.

Anywise, got to skid out. This attic has more to dig and then
we're going to swim.

Bye Worlds!