Source: S.S. Stuttgart
From: Captain Hans Neumann
Subject: Captain's log date [REDACTED]

We were tasked to travel to Mars and investigate events in the area
of Outpost M-28. The station officially served as a relay station
and information archive, but it's true purpose was kept secret even
to it's crew. After analyzing data from transmisions received from
the outpost, we were led to believe that either an individual or an
organization has compromised the facility's security resulting in
said individuals gaining access to classified sectors without
proper clearance. We were supposed to get in, gather intelligence
and clean up. The following orbital bombardment would be then
handed to the media and posed as an attack by unknown terrorist
organization. We were expecting heavy resistance, what we got
instead was not what any of us expected. The facility was already
destroyed and detected gamma radiation suggests that the on-site
nuclear autodestrction devices were used. The strange part is that
in such situation, the facility was equipped with blackbox devices
designed to endure through the blast. Instead we found nothing. Not
even a beacon. We scanned the area for any lifesigns including
motion detectors and electromagnetic emissions - we knew there were
some synthetics stationed on the facility so we had to make sure.
We found nothing. Just a hole in the ground and gamma radiation. No
survivors. We did send few surrogates for close recon, but not even
being on the surface directly and digging through the rubble
uncovered any evidence. I'd say there's little to be done here -
just level the ground, scrub the burn marks, collect the debris and
call it a day. I'd call this mission accomplished, but I have a
feeling that this won't be enough for the brass...