Source: S.S. Stuttgart
From: Captain Hans Neumann
Subject: Captain's log date [REDACTED]

I've just returned from the briefing, we've received new mission.
All of this informaion is classified and the rest of the crew will
be operating on need-to-know basis. Our first stop will be orbital
station designated as "Texas" orbitting around Phobos, where we are
to load up and proceed to mars at designated coordinates.
Apparently there's been some trouble going on around this "Outpost
M-28" and we've been sent to investigate. I don't know what's going
on there, but I feel sorry for the survivors. Official version is
that there has been terrorist attack and that there were no
survivors. I will go out on the record and state that I do not
agree with the politicians trying to sweep their own damn mess
under the rug, but to be fair I've been doing this kind of thing
long enough to know better than disobey direct order from the top.
Oh well. One of those days I guess. As for the reports - mostly
boring stuff but this is for the record so: The S.S. Stuttgart is
fully operational, the crew morale is high, there are no reported
technical difficulties - other than the fact that we're running low
on fuel, but we have more than enough to get to the next stop and
carry on with the mission. I'll write up more updates once I have
more information.