******from the Jurjen News Bureau*****

New Starship Opens Pathway to the Stars

Reporting by Clara Roberts

Today, millions of citizens watched with anticipation
as President Martin Lawsyn declared the USFS Roger
Chambers space-ready. He was joined by dignitaries from 
all over the planet. The ceremony ended when Mrs. Jennifer
Lawsyn smashed a bottle of Venuzian champagne on the
ship's hull, in imitation of an ancient Earth custom.

The Roger Chambers is the newest member of the United
Space Forces fleet. Not only that, but it is also 
the most powerful. Sporting twice the missile loadout 
and four times the energy weapon of any other USF ship,
she should be more than capable to handle any job she
is sent out to handle. Three more ships of the same
class are currently under construction.

For many it is a shining symbol of what we can
accomplish through our new-found unity.
During the construction of the vessel, there were
many attempts by the rebels to sabotage her to destroy
what they thought was a fragile unity. They have 

This new ship is captained by Captain Malcolm Falco. 
Captain Falco is a veteran of the three separatist wars,
 the Illillian revolt, the Dellten Purge, and the 
Harmon Jihad. Falco was a last minute replacement
for Admiral Josiah Harper, who suffered an attack 
of septicemia. We hope for his swift recovery.

Next week, Captain Falco and his crew will take the 
Roger Chambers out for a shakedown cruise to catch
any problems before they turn into real problems.
Supreme Commander of the United Space Force, Grand
Admiral Harold Lawsyn told the assembled crowd that
the ship would then go on a good will tour of our allied

The USFS Roger Chambers is named after the leader of the 
expedition that colonized Jurjen Prime. Chambers and 
fifteen others where the only survivors of the colonyship
Qek-7. They managed to survive for three years before a 
second expedition arrived from Karnik.