...adjust...spin...cdsdc...sh..d.s.e...set...tiny bit mo...e....

Alm..st g..t it. One more tweak here with the hyperspanner, adjust the vertical
alignment on this old vacuum display with a good ol' flatbar... and now...

Holy drek. This thing actually works. Is this thing.. 500? ..600 revs old? 
Older than anything I've ever seen before, that's for sure. Hah, it's even 
measured in *bits*! Craze...who would have thought that my degree would 
have actually come in handy? Oh...must adjust the chrono to current Galactic 
time standard...there.

Right. Well, here I am. My first posting. The counselors at university said 
that the Galactic Force was the best option right out of grad school, 
especially for someone with a degree like mine. Said there wasn't a whole lot 
of options for a degree in Classical Computer Science, except for the Galactic 

Met up with a recruiter a few rots later and she was all smiles. Said they 
desperately need people with my qualifications for some golden cufflink 
assignment or something? It came with a fat bonus, some creds to pay off my 
engineering loans, plus perks for being a codehead. Sounded pretty good...so I 
marked on the dotted line.

The next rev and a half was a complete blur with spacer camp, A-school, 
psychological conditioning, and cryotraining. I didn't even have time to take a
drek until now.

But now I'm here. Stationed alone in a remote research station out in Bum Frak 
Enif staring at some ancient vacuum-tube light screen waiting for the QuTrit to 
finish its calculations of some distant nebula. Which won't happen for the next 
sixteen and a quarter revs.

Join the Force and see the galaxy they said. Have a space adventure they said.

What the frak did I get myself into?