Hello? Is anyone out there?

I'm wrting from a terminal in the Botany Lab of Ophelia Dynamics's Reliance
ship. I'm one of the interns, but I guess that doesn't matter now. Last night,
we lost control of the ship and drifted into an asteroid cloud. We triggered
an evac protocol, but I hit my head in the rush to get some of the specimens
we'd been working on to the escape capsules, and... here I am.

I woke up floating in a hallway. There's a cut on my forehead from the pipe I
crashed into. That seems to be the extent of my injuries, but I'm too scared
to check for anything radiation-related or whatever right now. 

I mean, I'm just glad I survived. I know I should be happy to be here for "not
having died in a space disaster" reasons, and I am, but I'm also relieved that
my intergalactic headstone won't say something dumb like, "Here lies Dire,
they died due to metal pipe to the head."

I already ran a scan on the entire system, it's holding decently well. Life
support is stable, and it only has to support me and the plants now. The hull
is damaged, but structurally sound, so I'm not messing with that. If I can get
to the records room, I might be able to attempt some of the repairs to the
ship's computer system, just enough to hold out and make living easier until
someone can get out here for a rescue.

If everyone survived, and I hope they did, I'm a little pissed they left me

Anyway, if you can read this, please respond. I'll send over my coordinates.

- Dire Anthea [they/them]
Intern, Botany Department
Ophelia Dynamics