[transmission start]

is works. No, you need to turn it 30° clockwise. Wait. It works! Stop,
stop, stop! You did it Gemma, we're transmitting! HAHA!

Oh, umm...

This is Captain Hana Huxley of the Razarač. We are alive! I repeat, we are
flippin' alive!

We were on our way to the Coletrainian System in search of supplies. The
journey through the stars has been a rough one for us lately, so we plotted
the course, kicked on the auto-pilot and jumped in our cryo-preservation
chambers for the 20-year [Earth-3470 year] trip. Along the way we encountered,
an unknown gravitational pull.

Things got a little bumpy.

Penny was activated and in turn began waking the crew out of cryo.
I love Penny. She really saved our butts. With little time to come to,
Arsen was able to man the ship. Turns out we were getting pulled towards
an uncharted Einstein-Rosen bridge. He navigated our way out the otherside
with minor damage done to the Razarač, other than the relative time tracker,
our navigation system, and a carton of eggs. Oliver is pissed he didn't
properly store the eggs before cryo. The man loves his eggs. Arsen managed
to get a nasty cut above his eye on his way to the bridge, but Ezra
patched him right up.

Gemma is working on fixing what she can with the scrapped parts in the main
cargo hold. I have faith that she'll be able to get us back to 100% in a
matter of time. Gemma is just gifted like that.

Unfortunately, I don't think we will be able figure out exactly where we
were before we entered the bridge. Just holding on hope that we will one
day figure out where we ended up.

Wherever we are, we are still receiving reports from the QEC.

This is Captain Hana Huxley of the Razarač, signing off.

[transmission end]