Hello World.

Are you receiving me?

Penny here.

It seems that the Razara─Ź's basic systems checks have detected a malfucntion
and woke me from hybernation to inspect further. From initial review, the
crew is intact. Everyone is still breathing and perfectly well in
cryo-preservation. Everything else, well, it doesn't look good. The navigation
system isn't able to provide coordinates of our location, so I haven't the
faintest clue of where we are at. I am detecting that we've have encountered
some kind of gravitational pull, which is concerning considering that we
plotted a course that would give any celestial object a wide berth on our way
to the 84th sector of the Coletrainian System.

I must wake Captain Hana Huxley from cryo. Knowing how she operates, she will
want to thaw out the rest of the crew immediately. Protocol states that I
cannot make these decisions on my own, so I will just set their reanimation
processes at a slower rate.