Hyperdrive isn't as interesting as I thought it would be. Most of 
the time here's no reason to look outside your ship. It's like 
riding your velocipede along a country road, all the wildflowers 
are just a blur of color; except there's no color. The beauty of 
the universe comes in rays of light beyond our perception. By the 
time they've been digitized and color-shifted into our visual 
spectrum, they're still not as beautiful and mysterious as the 
composite images you see in text books and magazines.

I'd die for a magazine. Even at Nalmykian-enhanced hyperspeeds 
we've passed a whole lot of nothing, and the Protectorate's tablets 
don't provide that tangible experience of hands on paper. I wonder 
if the Refreshlicator could make paper, but I don't want to break 
it trying to find out.

After the Protectorate spread throughout the ship, there were only 
three human-sized portions left to act as its agents in our world.
One spent the bulk of the time with the team in the lab, and the 
others mostly just sat around. Occasionally I'd engage them in a 
game of chess or something. They were easier to beat than the 
computer at first, but over time every game became a real 
challenge. We're certain they're connected at the quantum level, 

The ship says we're on course to some place called Havion, 
on one of the maps our guests managed to merge into our system. 
Their scout's computer interface got faster by the day, perhaps one 
of the 3 humanoids is shrinking or something. It's hard to tell.

I've taken special care not to connect my computer into the ships 
since we were first boarded, a complete air-gap. It's not like we 
have the full internet anyhow, just whatever is on the ship's 
computers. There's nothing out there to network with, the 
Protectorate had no use for creating games, they're already 
networked. I doubt there's much fun to be had when your collective 
powers can calculate all probabilities on all sides of play. I'm 
not even sure they think of themselves as individuals, what would 
they compete for?