Some sort of space junk pinged off the hull of the ship, echoing 
dully from every direction. 3 minutes. The sensors still weren't 
picking up any signals, but the monitors automatically displayed 
its normal analysis.

Nearest Star:
	Spectral & Luminosity Type: M4.5 V
	Coordinates: 7.875 / -9.25 / -15.90625

Nearest Planet:
	Orbital Period: 238 days
        Orbital Distance: 0.8662AU
	Equilibrium Temperature: 265 K (−8 °C; 17 °F)
	Average Barometric Pressure: 1013.25 mbar
		Other Gases.............4%

2 minutes. We were about to break through the atmosphere near the 
dark side of the planet, couldn't tell more than that- there was 
nothing to see beyond the nearly purple clouds, locked in perpetual 
dusk. We harnessed ourselves in the central chamber per protocol. 
As the ship began to tremble, the walls around us turned black and 
iridescent. Suddenly, in the center of the room stood the small 
gilded box, it's black orbs reflecting rainbows across our faces.

1 minute. The pressure on our bodies falls as the ship's thrusters 
reach equilibrium. This part always reminded me of the playground; 
spinning on that wheel with the world a blur then dragging your 
feet in the dirt waiting to be able to let go.

"uuUUU-just-eeeeeeeeee-ng ooooutpuut freeeequenciessss. Assessment 
Complete. Please do not be alarmed. We kindly welcome The Revenent 
to Nalmyke. We will be landing momentarily." a voice warbled from 
the center of the room. "We are curious about the dimensional 
qualities of this ship and its crew. Please allow us to honor you 
as guests of our society. May we converse pleasantly." a tiny 
figure grew out of the box, like a mountainous jello mold, and 
bowed at us. 30 seconds.

"Docking procedure initiated"