Repeat Transmission...


This is the RSS Revenant, We have lost contact with our base. We 
are lost...

The radio crackled away, repeating its message on all channels. I 
haven't had contact with The Revengerists in 66 days by my count.
But there is no sun, so night and day, just hours dripping by 
blurring together like every other hour lost in space.

The ship's AI has picked up broadcast of Elvis Presley's "Aloha 
from Hawaii" - via satellite by some cruel joke of this universe, 
and calculated that this could mean we were somewhere in the 
vicinity of Gliese 422, but we could be anywhere at roughly the 
same distance. "Steamroller Blues" is crooning from the control panel. 
Every direction the stars are unfamiliar, I can't find any 
recognizable constellations. Fortunately, provisions won't be a 
problem - the Refreshlicator has ample supplies of stem-protons and 
is generating more at its expected rate.

There's a potential Goldilocks system nearby, it may be our only 
hope of getting back...


This is the RSS Revenant, we have lost contact with our base. We 
are lost. We were on routine patrol when bombarded with some sort 
of radiation, can only travel at half speed, at heading two three 
nine seven niner eight point six four two seven towards the nearest 
star. If you can hear this, please assist!

Panpan panpan panpan This is the Revenent, Partially Disabled, 
Repeat Transmission...