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 Everybody was hoping it to run. It would be 
 revolutionary. If it worked, a new era, a multiversal
 era, would start.

 But, the ship we built exploded on our first test.
 We had made all the calculations as instructed by Dr.
 Smallstone, but the ship failed to work.

 We began to search for answers, our determination was
 on fire in front of us. We had lost  hope but one of our
 crew members - "Hope" proposed a theory.

 She said that 'physics' in another universe works
 differently than ours. One of the students also proposed
 a theory that due to the huge size of the ship, more
 calculations were needed to be done at once, so the
 computer got on fire due to thermal overload, and it

 The latter was easy to test, so we tested the ship again
 with a solid nitrogen cooler on the computer to keep it

 On our second try the ship didn't explode, but the
 teleportation didn't work. But when we checked inside
 the ship, there were some spherical holes beside the
 computer, giving us the clue that both people's theory
 was right and one of the problems was solved.

 There was hope. But we were left with broken physics,
 broken ship and  a broken team of physicists.

 The maths done by Dr. Smallstone was only valid in his
 universe. There was a challenge in front of us which
 could change the shape of physics of interstellar

 We went through Smallstone's instructions once again and
 there we found out that he used time as a wave in the
 fabric of the universe caused by fluctuating gravity
 instead  of a constant gravity and time being fixed on
 the fabric of the universe.

 We needed more information about the physics of another
 universe to make the calculations easier for the

 So we decided to write a letter back to Dr. Smallstone
 the same way he wrote to us and send it because
 apparently we were able to teleport very small things
 (Outcome of the second experiment.) So we sent it.

 The question is if that letter reached him or not.

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