╻ ╻┏━┓┏━┓┏━╸
┣━┫┃ ┃┣━┛┣╸ 
╹ ╹┗━┛╹  ┗━╸

Everybody   was   hoping  it   would   run.   It  would   be
revolutionary. If it  worked, a new era,  a multiversal era,
would start.

But, the  ship we built exploded  on our first test.  We had
made all the calculations as instructed by Dr. Onestone, but
the ship failed to work.

We began  to search  for answers;  our determination  was on
fire in front of  us. We had lost hope, but  one of our crew
members,  Hope, proposed  a  theory. She  proposed that  the
physics in  another universe  worked differently  than ours.
One of the students also suspected that due to the huge size
of the  ship, more  calculations were needed  to be  done at
once, causing the computer to overheat and catch fire, which
led to the explosion.

Testing  the  latter theory  was  simpler.  We buit  another
computer and  equipped it  with a  solid nitrogen  cooler to
keep it  from overheating. On  our second attempt,  the ship
didn’t explode and the  teleportation still didn’t work,
but the crystal piece along with it's base was gone. After a
lot of testing the same  thing again and again, we thoerized
that we  managed to create a  tiny wormhole each time  for a
brief moment, indicating that both theories might be correct
and we could build a small wormhole enough to teleport small
items somewhere. But where is everything going?

There  was hope.  But we  were left  with broken  physics, a
broken ship, and a broken  team of physicists. The math done
by  Dr.  Onestone was  only  valid  in his  universe.  There
was  a  challenge in  front  of  us  that could  change  the
shape of interstellar transportation  physics. But we werent
progressing enough.

Reviewing  Onestone’s instructions  again, we  realized he
treated  time as  a  wave affected  by fluctuating  gravity,
unlike our understanding of constant gravity and fixed time.
We  needed more  information  about the  physics of  another
universe to make the calculations easier, and a whole lot of
time to design a better computer.

We all agreed  on using small amount of crystal  each day to
write to Dr.  Onestone by encoding on the metal  base of the
crystal  piece and  doing the  same experiments  to make  it
disappear. The  probability of  the message reaching  to Dr.
Onestone is very low, but hope, it can do miracles.

And so, we hope...

> Date: 2021-10-12