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 After finding the strange crystal on planet SG4-000 our
 research on making more efficient fuel had turned to a
 whole new path.
 During research we lost Dr. Smallstone. We saw a strong 
 flash of light inside the lab and when we got there..
 She just disappeared. Since then I had been leading the
 research on the crystals.
 Yesterday, We lost Ron. Exactly the same way Dr.
 Smallstone was lost.
 While cleaning the lab somebody found an plastic piece 
 just below the Crystal Densener.
 Plastic was one of the substance which we had entirely
 decomposed making fuels and never got the resources to
 make more.
 It had been years since we didn't see plastic so it is
 actually okay to say that plastic wascompletely
 At least not in our lab where we have been working our
 whole life.
 When we examined it with a string microscope we found
 that it was engraved with morse codes.
 That small piece of plastic had so much information in
 it that it took us a whole SG4-000 day to decode and
 understand it.
 A SG4-000 day is approximately 13.67 Earth days(That's
 where our ancestors lived, and the concept of time was
 That message was from Dr. Smallstone but from the
 universe where the crystal accidently turned into
 a wormhole and I disappeared.
 First everybody thought it was a joke but since it was
 plastic which we were dealing with, we  had to believe
 that it was a miracle.
 As instructed by him (she was a "he" in that universe)
 in the message, we made a capsule.
 According to him the capsule should be able to travel
 through dimensions but due to the lack of crystals he
 couldn't make it in his universe.
 Multiverse was a myth till yesterday but today we are
 on the verge of 'The Multiversal Era'.
 All that is left is to test if our capsule actually

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