Update-Delegation: Quintessence: SHIP -> OUTPOST
Create-Delegation: Quintessence-P1: SHIP
Origin:		Quintessence
Routed:		Quintessence → Vespira → [2-4 unknown hops] → QEC Relay A120D019
Date:		∅+0 days [Origin date format UNKNOWN; epoch assigned by QEC]
Langauge:	QEC Common Records Language
Subject:	Notice of establishment of outpost

This is the Quintessence's official notice to the QEC transmitter records
database that we have arrived at ′5190″859942‴68400, to be known henceforth as
the Quintessence outpost. Our ship remains in orbit and is still spaceworthy.

We are prepared to respond to distress signals within 4ly, and expect our
capabilities to expand in the future. It is our intention to remain here for up
to 50 years. Our crew consists of 136 individuals, in 34 families, with 25
unaffiliated persons.

Our destination is a dwarf planet, 966km in diameter. It caught our interest
from 37ly, as it transited ′5190″859942 and showed spectral signatures of heavy
metals, which we intend to mine for expanding our ships and for possible trade
in the future. However, upon our arrival we have discovered previous signs of
inhabitation. We believe the previous tenants were interstellar in origin, as
there are no such signs in the large bodies of the system, which we are still
cataloguing. We will forward our findings to the QEC records database when we
have completed our survey of the system.

We have established a small archaeology team which will investigate the remains
of previous habitation. Our mining crew will begin work as planned on areas
which are deemed unlikely to have useful archaeological evidence.

Thora Balliol
Records Keeper