PERSONAL LOG =-=-=-=-=-=-

It's been about a year now since X29's massive seizure that rocked his entire
body. I can tell he's had difficulty sustaining vision in his mind dimension
since then. He often forces his hyperwave into it only briefly to give me and
the two hands a hug and then he switches back to only viewing us externally.
It's been rough. There also have been many, many seizures he's experienced
since then that have done minimal damage to the brain -- nothing beyond our
repair -- but that require constant work and monitoring. He has anxiety about
his powers failing him or being somehow stripped away, but I have to continue
to reassure him that he and them are invariably linked, the only way to break
that link being death itself. Of course, no human, power or no power, is safe
from death...

We won't get into that.

Still... At the very least the seizure afforded X29 a large-scale repair mode
that is still operating. He still goes in and out of his episodes, just as an
organic being might react to their own immune system, but stability has
increased an immense amount and he's sometimes seeing things now that he's
never been able to see. He will continue to make progress.

Granted, now he thinks he's in love again. Sigh... such is being human. I hope
it's realized for once for him. These things are difficult. I'm glad I only
have to worry about them for him; I can be in love with myself.

Wait, that sounds conceited. Nevermind.