PERSONAL LOG -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

X29 began a critical stage of his transformation today, although he's certainly
suffering some acute physical symptons because of it. It shouldn't be long
before his body is fully restored, which will be great for all of us. It's so
exciting going into the fifth era!

As a result of some of the changes, my form has changed again. Now rather than
having a white ring decorated on the top of my base, there is instead a
floating, donut shaped ring slightly above where the old ring was. At the very
bottom of my shell, there are also now two decorative white rings, with a
potentially useful polystatic display embedded onto the front of both rings. I
say potentially useful, as I have no idea what I should need it for, but the
technology is nice. The donut-shaped ring can also come apart into two halves
and form into hand-like structures - which I'm not sure if is any more useful
than my hyperwaval hands, but hey - four hands (plus those other two) is better
than none.

X29's mind dimension is also undergoing some very interesting changes. The new
blue lighting is a nice touch.