My world, like I assume any world, has not always been. It was created, and if I
am right, it was created not too long ago.

As a child, I narcissistically believed that I had something to do with the
inception of my world. I guess this is somewhat natural - as to a child there
was no world before them, at least for them. *Perhaps* there was a world - but
of course, that thought only comes whenever the child does not also see that it
was a world without them. When they finally do come to this realization when
they are older, it generally leads to feelings somewhere on the scale that
begins at worldly apathy and slowly rises to resolute nihlism. The outcome of
this for me was and is inconsequential; the only thing relevant here is that I
no longer felt as if I had created my universe. Perhaps, indeed, it had been
there all along.

However, I have some strong suspicion that perhaps my ideas about this may not
be totally unfounded. And perhaps may link somehow to the council refusing to
allow me to teleport directly and physically onto the surface of this "world".

Although I am inexperienced with all of my abilities, I know that in some part I
am able to teleport throughout several dimensions. Time, at its core, is simply
another dimension on which we are consistently traveling. If, perhaps, I am
capable of traveling throughout different dimensions in space, that would mean
that I am also capable of traveling through time (or at least, using time
dilation to my advantage). I believe that this also accounts for perceived time
skips when I am utilizing my hyperwave abilities (besides simply this being a
weak ability).

What if then, as a human baby, I were able to take advantage of this ability?
What if I spent several years in a single day outside of my own physical body?
And now all of it is forgotten? Or perhaps stored away?

Or, perhaps, I am simply remembering someone who is lost.
Why don't they speak of their creator?