I've been looking around while the Quartz is being built, and it's surprising
to me to see how pitiful, yet magnificient a spaceship looks when it's yet
to be fully assembled. It's almost like a regular ship - except computer
hardware is jammed in everywhere that it possibly can be. A QEC-compatible
unit is also being added to the ship's main computer, so I should have access
to some nice human reading material while I'm out here.

I am particularly frustrated that I am still only limited to a hyperwave-only
form aboard the ship. My body is too weak in this moment to physically teleport
(a frustrating experience, to say the least), so I wouldn't be able to make
it to the ship even if I tried, and even if I could make it, I'd also need to
be able to teleport out without fail in the case of an emergency. Of course,
I could just have the ship delivered to my physical body on Earth, but I'm
fairly certain that that would be forbidden by the council.

It's strange to see one of these terminals without power. I can't wait to
see it activated soon.