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From: Proxima
To: Nil
Priority: Nil
X-*: Nil
Loc: Radar Error
Sender: Unregistered User
Quantum Enta?

We were hit by meteroids 2 hours and 55 minutes ago (the #549 attack). Will
report back on that a bit more later once I get the hang of this quantum enta

Darcy was doing some ship maintainence in Elect when I screamed and found a
spider-looking creature in my cabinet, the strange thing is that it wasn't
really moving... at all. How in space did this freakish get in there? At the
time of transmission it still is, in fact, sitting quite still a few
lactoinches away from my door handle. (lactoinches is a metric unit me and
Darcy made just for fun, joking at Earthlings not being able to settle on a
single, shared metric system). We would have to check the cams, do a scan in
med, and get a bio sample of it later, after I figure out this transmission
thing. Getting help is our first priority! We used to have Lieutenant Kevuq
always in Sec on cams but unfortunately he passed from an accident which I will
explain with the #549 meteroid strike...

Darcy rushed over to my quaters and took no notice in what I said about the
spider thing, and says she found something that could help us. There it was,
she held up the quantum enta thing and gave it to me. I flipped it over and saw
"Quantum Enta" written and a few blank spaces of nothingness after it.

We searched old dictionaries but could not figure what "enta" meant, so I
decide to open this thing and see what happens, and here I am, sending a
message! I don't know where it would go, or how it does its thing, but I'm sure
it should work I just know it.

The dictator seems to only support voice or thoughts (as I put it), but I
managed to connect my K-25 to one of its legged wirings, I honestly don't know
if my tiny keyboard is going work, but I shall hope for the best. The keyboard
layout of course, as Earthlings call it, is a colemak-inspired custom layout.
With the enter key at the middle top and the escape key at the immediate left.
The downside to the keyboard approach is, of course, is the extreme lag,
however I'm quite good with touch typing so I can just type really fast without
needing it to show up immediately. I still have to test out voice and thought
dictation, that's one more thing on my list, right after finding out what in
space "Enta" means, which in turn, is after finding out about the spider
creature. Darcy thinks Enta the name of the person who invented it, but if it
was the case, shouldn't it be something along the lines of "Entian Quantum

                      --- Human Written Supply Report ---                       

[ there is, of course, a partial or full, automated system report, but I still
have to figure out how to have it automatically get logged here ]

. food and nutrients to last for 256 Earth days
. drinkable water to last for 244 Earth days
. other water to last for 7 Earth years
. core energy (reactor, elect, engines, nav, comms) to last for 3,093,458
Earth years
. utility energy (weapons, sec, med) to last for  74,397,220,901 Earth years
. Miscellaneous supplies to last for 881,234,927,059,538,586,734,845,837,563
Earth years
. 6 (reusable) ice beds, with three spare, and one in med (emergency only)

I guess we're obviously doomed, with food and water able to last less than a
single tiny Earth year, there is no way to reach the Alpha in time. Speaking of
time, I've lost track of date around 4 suns ago, but this quantum enta thing
may be able to save us, which is why I need some ship or outpost to send us
supplies! Please, we don't want to fail our captain... Captain Leo, Lieutenant
Kevuq, Officer Luciana, and two others I do not want to talk about suffered
from an explosion that destroyed most of our supplies, why, they were
originally able to last for millennials! Oh Albert Einstein-- Now it's only me,
a few robots, and poor Darcy left on the ship. She's only a college student!

Of course, I still don't really know if this thing is going to work, but as I
said above, I shall hope for the best. The Proxima is currently travelling at
4/5 light speed, 2 light years away from Alpha Centauri. Yes, we weren't able to
fix our steering system, so we are, basically, blindly moving in space, which
my captain used to say, is the last thing you'd ever want to do.

That's all for now, more in about 21 hours.
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