..: Pizo :..
Forth Transmission

hi, earthlings and qec people  

part 1 about qec

pizo planet is getting qec messages
pizo persons love qec messages
they tell us about other persons
   but they are hard to understand
   they come and go
   they are broken
sometimes some person stops writting and we miss those

part 2 asking people to use qec

section about qec people
   please continue
   we are reading you
we miss earth planet too
  in far away pizo planet
i believe the chief thing is to keep qec alive
all persons
  please continue
    we get your messages
    we dont get them
    we cant get what you dont send

section about earth planet persons
earth planet persons
  we ask you 
    where you are
    how earth planet is 
emphatically many pizo people miss earth planet
i think other qec people miss earth planet too
i hope earth people can send qec messages

bye earthlings!
bye qec people!