..: Pizo :..
Third Transmission: Shifting to Simplo-Lang

hi, earthlings  

part 1 about simplo

section about whats simplo
im writing in simplo 
simplo is the same as simplolang
simplo is like ansesta
ansesta is the same as english
we use simplo for fun in pizo planet
i think you can read simplo better than my 
 clumsy ansesta
ill write to you in simplo
simplo is ugly but its simple

section about simplo rules
we avoid these things 
we use space instead of punctuacion 
we love small words  and small sentences
we avoid speaking simplo
we only write  and read simplo
simplo is bad for poems 
   pretty messages  and complicated things
   but you can try 
you write subject first 
   verb second 
   and other things last
we write hes  and shes 
   and avoid he's  and she's
   but that seems hard at first
we try to be explicit
   but saying just enough

section about my thoughts on simplo
simplo could be better
simplo is just a kids game in planet pizo
i think a teacher made simplo up for kids to learn ansesta
   but i think it worked badly
i like simplo anyway

part 2 about today

section about dreamy bar lady
our airship pizo landed on pomora isle bay
pomora isle is a wee isle on moonjami
moonjami is a group of thousands of isles in planet pizo
pomora  and moonjami lack other meanings
we went to harbor in our auxiliary craft
our auxiliary craft is solar powered too
   by the way
we went to bar
we spoke to bar lady
she told us that shes an earthling
shes wrong
i thik she feels an earthling  because shes read too many
 books on earth
but shes nice
we told her about QEC
she wants to send you a message
   care for earth
she is sad  about warming in 2023  and other years too
i find hard  to understand  why shes sad
   it happened very long ago indeed
i hope you solved it
but you are unable to call back
   i think

section about boring stuff
we unloaded  and did some trade after that
we went back to our airship  and thats all the important
 things of today

bye earthlings!