..: Pizo :..
Second Transmission

Hi again? It's difficult for me to use ancestor's
language. We spell it Ansesta, by the way, just a trivial
bit of data from Pizo.
  So Pizo, what does it mean? Chiefly two things: a) The na-
me of the original Ansesta's ship, and b) the name of planet
it colonized, long, long ago.
  And there's also c) our airship, which we also named Pizo.
Retrospectively that wasn't such a good name for our airship
but, I don't know, I guess we were all feeling patriotic.
  Let me tell you about Pizo, the planet, because that's 
probably more relevant to you. The Starship Pizo must be in
your records, perhaps hidden in some Gemini or Gopher server
somewhere. By the way we are still using Gemini, many have
tried to improve on it, but nobody could agree on how. It
remains useful, though. But I digress. 
  So, our planet, Pizo. Well, tis like Earth in many ways...
I'm sending the techinal data on a separate text file, for
whatever is worth. Differences? Well, there are just two
main continents, both around the size of Africa in your an-
cient Earth, but we call them Nor and Sur, which are our
words for 'North' and 'South'. Guess why. 
  Pizo compensates for the lack of large land masses with 
thousands of islands, so many that most remain unnamed. 
There aren't so many of us Pizoans(?)... 
  And that's the reason for our job. We are kind of a family
and friends and we trade and carry the odd passenger among
the islands. Small loads only, but that's enough form many
of the small isles. 
  I'm interrupting here for the pilot is nagging me again.