..: Pizo :..

Hi? Does this thing work? This is Pizo. No, not the *real*
Pizo, but a sun powered tramp airship, using four 
Tomas-1-N0 engines. It gets boring here at times, so we 
thought about giving this thing a try. Our story books say
our ancenstor's ship left Earth a very long time ago, and 
we'd think, you might get our messages. Which is funny 
because nothing has reached us, even though many smart 
people from the ship and then our nation tried to reach you.
  I guess you can't respond or we can't listen or something.
We aren't techies here.
  Anyway, if we are reaching, Pizo's people is doing well,
thank you very much. We have a nice planet, a beautiful one
if you ask me, and we'll tell you about it but... later, 
there's a party going on now and I must go.

Bye earthlings!