Entry 3 -- Sister Mariam

To my sisters, wherever you may be:

The future is written in the name of the One. His qadr is hidden
in the facade of choice, and though he does not set our path for
us, He sees it as He sees all. As it is written, No calamity
befalls on the earth or in yourselves but it is inscribed in Al
Lawh Al Mahfooz before We bring it into existence.

In a short time, we will reach [REDACTED] and the pages of my
story will be fulfilled. They will end as they must, as they
always were meant to end. He will fulfil the desire of them that
fear him. My desire is for Him alone. I've know it since my first
days in Madrasa, and I've always known where he would lead me.

Three hundred years we have circled our star since the Jinn came
to our world. Three hundred years have we cried in the night,
suffering in their grip. He has tested us. We grew fat and lazy in
our homes and ships. Life was easy, and so we forgot our prayers
and forgot our duties. We spoke against the prophets and debated
the truth. When they came we were weak and frivolous, like sands
drifting across a desert. We were so easily scattered before their
wind. But now we are worn down and crushed together. We are rock,
diamond. Our faith is our strength.

The Jinn blaspheme against His glorious existence in their words
and deeds. They use their power to enslave us and doom themselves.
The Qur'an is clear on what must be done to creatures such as
these. They have broken his commandments by their existence in our
world, and they further blaspheme with their treatment of His sons
and daughters.

It is the duty of all followers of the Divine to destroy the Jinn
in all their forms, in all their faces, in all their places. They
will be torn down and burned, their ashes sent into the stars.
Their worlds will be cleansed in fire. Their children will be
consumed in the flames. Their temples will be leveled until no
stone lay atop another. When all trace of the Jinn has passed,
then too shall the believers cease to speak their name until even
the memory is lost. Allah's creation of fire and smoke will return
to it and leave only men to serve in righteousness.

To my mother, I swear. To my father, I swear. To my sisters, to
each of you, I swear. My story will end with theirs, and we will
all rejoice in Heaven. This has always been my path and I walk it
gladly. I smile even now. If you saw me on the streets of Doon you
would think me simple with my radiant joy. I will be laughing as

Pray not for me, sisters, but for yourselves. Pray that your own
story takes you to your enemy's door.