Captain, identity verified.

Transmission now begins.


We are within the next few hours supposed to enter unknown
territory. We are approaching with caution, as visibility is very
low. Sensors report high radiation ahead. Readings seem to
indicate a presence of something like a nuclear-powered ship like
ours, however this may be the sensors malfunctioning again.

Other then the tense atmosphere, everyone is happy and well.
Sensors and data collectors are ready for mapping. 

As unfortunately data can only be sent in plain text, it will come
in weekly digests of the most important data.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, we found a relic from the so-called
"Earth" days. A computer with parts in it we have never heard of
and units measured in measly gigabytes instead of petabytes.

It has a number of "charging" adaptors that have some kind of
plug on the end - am I the only person to remember plugs instead
of radio power? We are searching for an adaptor that will connect
it to the radio power network.

Hope to bring you vital data soon.


Transmission end.