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Day of Journey........TWO MONTHS
                     POST LAUNCH
Location of Recording....ENGINES

Begin Transcript
Engineer Thomas Coldsmith

Ach, that bloody flop Ragnar must have had both thumbs in his eyes when he agr-
eed to this bloody ship. Even as a wee lad I woulda been able to tell this buc-
ket of bolts is not worth the scravin credits. And the fool diddun buy this de-
ath trap, oh no. The flamin' gallah has indentured himself for ten years inste-

I swear if the bastard hadn't of saved my hide I woulda told him to shove his
ship into the nearest black hole. He's a lucky man, that's for sure. I don't t-
hink anyone else would have the skills to take this flying abomination and make
it right besides me.

What was I going to say... I wonder if the still is done... Oh, that's right.

We are only several weeks away from dear Kassabar. When we connected to the pl-
anets infonet I started lookin for jobs worthy of my time. Found one that looks
like a bit of fun: retro-fitting racing darts. Apparently they use artificial
gravity generators to hold a few hundred asteroids together and scatter race 
markers throughout. Brave and studpid lads then navigate through the ever chan-
ging course. Sounds like a wee bit o' fun if I do say so myself. 

I managed to land a job in one of the pit crews. Only a *little* bit of exager-
ation in my application. 

*Coldsmith laughs heartily*

I'm not sure what the others have lined up. Speaking of others, bloody Hasig n-
early gave me a heart attack last meal. Apparently Fenoff believes Hasig is re-
ady to become a Mother, so she has began the year-long transition. I've heard 
of them before, but it was my first time seeing a Daughter with the blood red 
eyes. I knocked over a full stein of my favorite homebrew. That damned Lomere 
just laughed as if it was the greatest joke in the world. Not only did I have
to appologize for my rude outburst, Fenoff insisted I did, I lost the last of
that scravin' vintage.

It's going to be hard to look at those eyes for an entire year. But I already
have the next batch going in the still so I won't have to do it alone.