=Logged as: Sophos Ioun=
====Date: 1714045312====

We did it! We fixed this QEC! Oh, well, I think I'm transmitting.

You know, at the end I'm nothing more than a technician. I've
studied at the Institute, worked hard for my entire life.
They always told me this was the only way to achieve success,
and I believed them. I was almost 50 and looking back at my
life I only saw failure and sadness. I was tired of fixing fridges
and printers for the rich ones, and I was decided to stop this.

People react in their own way to the desire of change.
Someone starts travelling, someone decides to join a revolution.
I have never been brave so I decided to follow the only path I saw
in front of me.

I walked, slowly, toward the station.
I loved to come here to see the ships departing when I was a child full
of dreams, but at the moment they only reminded me of my desolation.

When I reached the platform I took a heavy breath and prepared to jump.
It was in that moment that i heard it: a melody I knew. My parents used
to sing it when I was little. I turned back and saw one of the holoscreens
displaying an ad.

"Come to the Project New Hope 17:
are you tired about those unjust societies?
Help us rebuild humanity!".

That was a bolt out of the blue. I quickly noted down the address specified
in the ad and runned out. I almost stumbled upon every wretched person in
that place, but I came out of it.
I looked up to the yellow sky with a renewed mind.
I joined the meeting that night.
What comes next is history.

Oh, Raya is asking me to let her tell her life. I'll stop monopolizing this
comm, but we are not done. You need to discover more about the New Hope
Project. I'll teach you everything I know about it, but another time.

Yes, yes, I'm closing. I'm closing, Raya, please, don't...