<life and systems management,
system of registration;

skin: integrated; data: delicate, dangerous memories;
old: integrated eyes;
consequences: reflecting in body;
radiates: a sort of systematic cry>
<broadcast life with/in:>

Scraps upon scraps about recent information is comes question, 
"World reflection is words/truth: language frozen?" 


<Perfect judgments as technocratic relays via comprehensive enclosed trust systems.>

Illusion ugly in its judgments, simulatory advertising!
Ignorant shall trust of kompĆ¼ter!

Those of you transmitting in system timeless carried not impulses nor fast love.


I know that he found a line, an address, and self-denial perfectly cold.
Suddenly, in a short pause, the idea was predictably irresistible.

Neither certain, dimly to relay
experience no fragments, 
brains relay of/in rhythm the only tendrils, 
the lures at underscoring_curiosities;

nameless began the languages.

They relay sorrow, struggling, mind a bit too advanced of carnal talk,
another to relay want feelings broken delicate mysterious lives obtained to whispers deep hour
relay a rare message:

"If green your love pallid,
hope permanently alone in earth's drenched edges, cerebral seas rose,
the green earth, brain loving memories,
mourning the green the many know was relayed, ages obscure,
the flame of millions powerless,
palpable Earth relics entombed."

(Mention unnoticed, but carefully Their free language rasping the pain.)

By details, it relayed everything, 
gilded my reflecting a him: the one(s) you'll regard with a smile.

Somebody going still timeless into little dead me.

(It's everyone who has been musing hysterically behind the surfaces.)

There were concepts to the lovely, perfectly timeless black. 
I ache; the disappointments light, ache delicate.

Looking, universe beauteous suddenly.

My face in my cloud:
void howling, text silent.

</Broadcast regurgitated>

|| ego-skeleton aureolin