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we got you shere monk 

we are out there

floating in a vast void of nothingness connected trough invisble
string of matter

it's weirdly poetic yet tragic

we havn't seen a member of our species for so much, small pieces of our
distant past sometime get collected in our informational mesh. But the
antennas are old and sometime bit escapes and wander away, free from
their analog interpretation.

Because it is all about interpretation, 

it started with A.I , not those robot, those were the friendly
one. Limited computing power, 2 arms, 3 legs, nothing to see

The real power, the capacity to discipline bodies, to disciplinate
them witouth even them notincing ied elsewhere, deep in the
techno-industrial complex network mined by the hand of the poorest.

But that's for another day, for another time. I wouldn't want to take
too many bytes.