We are unsure if anyone is receiving our transmissions. We 
have been stranded here for nearly 10 earth years and have 
thus far adapted successfully to life on this planet.‎ The 
environment is similar enough to that of human evolutionary 
adaptation and it has actually been a relief after such a long 
time in open space. Thus, all our transmissions from this 
planet have not been of desperate urgency.  But just recently 
we have encountered a problem that we are not certain we can 
overcome on our own.

We are in a period of time that was celebrated as a seasonal 
holiday among a particular earth religion centuries ago. The 
crew took it as a collective hobby several years back to study 
the rituals and beliefs of that holiday, called Christmastide 
or Yuletide. During every winter season on this planet, we 
have used what resources we have to make festive meals, give 
gifts, and re-enact what we have learned from the history logs 
on the ship's computer. It has been a little silly, but a 
relief nonetheless against the isolation we have felt while 
stranded here.  Until this year.

This season was the first that one of the children born here 
has ‎become socially active. We suspect some of his behavior 
may be the source of our problem. But as it seems so absurd, 
none dare speak it other than in jest.

The child, just five earth years of age, has caused extra work 
for the others, breaking or misplacing tools, ‎making loud 
noises during rest hours, and tormenting the fauna we are 
trying so hard to domesticate.

But the boy's behavior would be tolerable if that were the 
only problem. The real problem is terrifyingly worse.‎ The real 
problem is the appearance of a creature that seems intent on 
attacking the boy.

It has come at dusk nearly every day for the past few weeks, 
and the crew have taken great risks to chase it away. We've 
posted extra guards at all points around our ship, and each 
day we expect at least one of them will encounter it.

I have not seen it myself, but the others say it is a 
four-legged creature, bent over and moving itself on its two 
rear legs. It makes a horrible growling and hissing sound like 

We know it wants the boy because it has ‎kept close to the 
uncut brush and foliage at the edge of our encampment until it 
has seen him. The few times it saw him, it came forward, 
screeching and clawing at him.

Luckily we've been able to fight him off thus far. But we've 
sustained some injuries.  And the labor we've had to expend on 
defenses are causing shortfalls in meeting our other needs.

We need help. If anyone is receiving this transmission. We 
need help!


When you perform the rituals of the past, you may awaken 
something that can't be put back to sleep until forgotten. And 
we can't forget now.

Can it be, that the gods and demons of our species follow us 
wherever we travel in the universe?

Can it be, that we are experiencing one of those demons from 
our Yuletide heritage? Is it possible that we are being 
attacked by Krampus?