I think I slept. I'm not sure how that makes sense without a body.
One moment I was thinking about things (those little plastic tabs
that hold bread bags closed, if you must know), and then I was in
a green field with a cow that was also my Aunt Hilga, and she was
trying to tell me to turn around but I couldn't. Classic dream
nonsense, right? Only, it didn't feel any different than this,
whatever it is. There was no divide between awake and asleep.
Normally I'd close my eyes and lie down, or shoot up in bed and
scream... something.

But really, those plastic things, do they have any other purpose?
Did someone make them for bread bags and everyone for centuries
just went along with it? We have all these other gizmos for
closing and opening things and keeping them air tight, but bread
bags were somehow overlooked? Is it cheaper? I can't imagine so.

Oh shit, that's a comet! I'm going to get a closer look...