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Source Melchizedek.0294
β Hyi, 4th Planet
Ascension 00h 25m 45.07037s
Declination –77° 15′ 15.2860″
Distance 24.37ly
Equinox J2000.0 SOL
Year 3782, QEC adjusted

[Autotranslator enabled...]

Prezzi Adeyemi, Seriph Rhetorical Ecclesia
Melchizedek Serial 0294 Ecclesiastic Report

Ship has completed repairs on 4th planet, β Hyi. Specialist
Janssen's assessment of the damaged botany sector was admirable
and detailed a swift repair action. Janssen has since been
transitioned to the beta site on 3rd planet, β Hyi, for structure
planning and survey duty of phase two. She is joined by Dr.
Kroups, Navigator Hämäläinen, and Specialists Brewer, Hanks, and
Ostergarten. We have temporarily reassigned Warrant Master Pasani
to the beta site for psychological recovery and personal liberty.

The primary work on the alpha site is on schedule. Our habitats
were staged and activated within 72 hours of landfall, and the
crew has all fully emerged from cryosleep without further
biological incident. Pre-seeding efforts have been initiated. Land
masses are nominal, weather patterns within tolerance. Systematic
seeding will commence within 10 days. First cycle will require
three months, standard, or 12 years local time. The rotation and
orbit of alpha site should promote accelerated growth according to
latest models from Specialist Coleman Nguyen (Debra is assigned to

Medical reports that migraine incidence post cryo exceeds forecast
models and are being treated ad hoc. Doctors Spinelli and Reed
have reviewed Doctor Idjani's preliminary work while in flight and
are preparing a separate report to follow. Hildar Simms remains in
quarantine, now at 62 days. He is being monitored for
psychological effects from isolation, though several of the crew
have volunteered to spend their liberty in visitation. The
arabadopsis genetic markers are still present but have not
undergone any further change since the first event in transit.
I have indicated to our medical team that isolation is not to
exceed 90 days, per regulation. If no further data emerges by
then, Sergeant Simms will resume his duty in logistics.

Finally, Staff Sergeant Maureen Hendrix has been disciplined for
unapproved conception. The incident took place prior to cryogenic
suspension and was undisclosed. Due to the nature of our mission
and limited resources, the embryo has been extracted and placed in
stasis pending seeding cycle.

Morale is high in both alpha and beta sites and there have been no
other disciplinary actions taken since landfall. As we enter seed
cycle one, alpha site will enter alert stage one. We foresee no
probable crew issues.