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Source Melchizedek.0294
β Hyi, 3rd Planet
Ascension 00h 25m 45.07037s
Declination –77° 15′ 15.2860″
Distance 24.37ly
Equinox J2000.0 SOL
Year 3782, QEC adjusted

[Autotranslator enabled...]

Jerome Somerset Pasani, Warrant Master
In the weeks since we made landfall on β Hyi 3, I've been
a gardener, a plumber, a line cook, a hair stylist (that didn't
end well), and an artist's model (that turned out better than
expected). In all that time I haven't for one moment been the
captain of a starship responsible for the lives of nearly fifty
people. I haven't had to discipline or motivate, and I certainly
haven't had to deal with the loneliness of command. For this
I have Prezzi to thank, and to some degree, Specialist Janssen.

The loss of my friend was something I thought I could wrap in
a blanket of professionalism. A captain must stand strong and see
the mission through, after all. But I'm not that kind of captain,
and honestly, who would want that kind of person in charge anyway.
A friend was lost and we have no answers. Something happened while
en route to β Hyi that none of us can explain. That's not
something you just acknowledge and soldier on. That's a damned
mystery worthy of exploring.

There's the pragmatic view, the one that Prezzi brought me: the
arabidopsis anomaly represents a potential threat to colonization.
There are threats from both the cause of the anomaly and the
resulting life forms that emerged. There's also the other view,
which Specialist Janssen, Stephanie, shared: someone killed our
doctor, my friend, and we're not going to let that stand.

I've spent these weeks coming to terms with Moussa's loss. I have
processed it and now I need answers. Kroups has finished her
immediate work on the seeding prep so we're heading back out.
We're going to backtrack along our route and see what's out there.
It's a longshot, but we're making it a priority. Our small-craft
isn't suited to grav-sheer, but with the crash couch we can rack
up some serious gees. Whether weeks or months, we'll find our

Thanks again to Prezzi and Stephanie. I lost a piece of myself
when the lab jettisoned.

And Stephanie, again, I'm so sorry about your hair.