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Source Melchizedek.0294
Approach β Hyi
Ascension 00h 25m 45.07037s
Declination –77° 15′ 15.2860″
Distance 24.35ly
Equinox J2000.0 SOL
Year 3782, QEC adjusted

[Autotranslator enabled...]

Prezzi Adeyemi, Seriph Rhetorical Ecclesia
Melchizedek Serial 0294 Ecclesiastic Report

Ship damaged en route to Beta Hydrii
  - Full loss of fore botany bay
  - Loss of ship's doctor in incident
  - Food stores at half
  - Unknown anomaly affected gene sequencing of arabidopsis
  - Possible crew gene anomalies (Simms, Hildar P., Sargent)
  - No damage sustained to genetic dispersal array

Melchizedek has shut down gravity sheer and is decelerating into
system presently. Navigator Hämäläinen is on watch for
electrophonic bolides. Our shielding is adequate for any other
space debris expected.

At present rate we will set down on the fourth planet in system in
17 hours, local chronology. Time dilation should be minimal.

The full crew will trigger their wake sequences from hibernation
upon landfall. Specialist Janssen will head operations to secure
structural damage from the jettisoned fore botany bay. Doctors
Kroups and Xavier have augmented our rationing system due to
reduced material.

Warrant Master Pasani's mental stresses are significant. Cognitive
inhibitions have been demonstrated at 14 individual intervals.
Rest and meditation schedules have been met and he shows no signs
of chronic impairment. No recommended remediation at this time.

Personal note:
The crew has acted admirably and in accordance with their station.