Message Incoming...

Source Melchizedek.0294
Approach β Hyi
Ascension 00h 25m 45.07036s
Declination –77° 15′ 15.2860″
Distance 24.33ly
Equinox J2000.0 SOL
Year 3781, QEC adjusted

[Autotranslator enabled...]

Jerome Somerset Pasani, Warrant Master
Cryogenic stasis was interrupted for wardroom officers and
Specialist Janssen as of 0430. We have drifted slightly off
planned course due to unexpected thermal radiation from
a celestial event the crew is monitoring. The β Hyi system has
been increasingly active in recent months and Janssen believes the
solar radiation has unbalanced our infrared venting, causing
a 0.002° drift. Over the intervening time, this was enough for
autopilot to raise the alarm.

Melchizedek is quiet and in good working order. Her full crew of
44 are stowed safely and all systems are green. Lower-fore botany
systems show some minor abnormalities which are marked for
follow-up. Bot arrays all read nominal with no traceable
degradation in standby power.

We have slowed our descent to just over 1G in anticipation of
work-shifts. This will put us slightly ahead of schedule if we
remain at present deltas. Still, we're just over four months from
system and there is some debate whether it would be advisable to
reenter cryo this close to the destination. Our food-stores are in
good order, especially for just the wardroom. Doctor Idjani
suggests we remain out of stasis for at least two weeks before
being reassessed regardless.

QEC has been adjusted for our drift and seems in working order,
though we haven't received any new transmissions from relay one in
quite some time. If the crew do remain awake in the months ahead,
you can rest assured of further updates. Anyone awake out there?