I've finally took time to look at our maps,
to see how far we are,, and it doesn't look good.

We're so incredibly far away from any civilization.
We don't have enough resources to last either.

It doesn't look good. Although it's strange,
we shouldn't have had enough fuel to travel
this far in the first place, or enough time.
Something strange is definitely going on.

Is this what happened to this ship?
Will we too, end up an abandonded shell,
for some future explorers to find?

Are the figures the people who this belonged to?
Will our long-forgotten memories stay here,
haunting the ship?

I should go now, and maybe look for planets to
scavenge. Although from the looks of things
there's nothing but barren moons.

If we can't find resources, then maybe these logs
will help some future people, warn them not to
come here.