ZG9lcyB0a GlzIHRo aW5nI Hdvc ms/
Hello? Can you read this?
I think this is working now.

I doubt anyone is going to see this,
if this system even still works,
but whatever.

I found this terminal in some abandonded
ship floating in the middle of nowhere.
I managed to fix the networking,
and hack into it so I can send messages.

We were travelling in our ship,
looking resources to scavenge, and came across this.
First I didn't think it was worth investigating,
since we didn't detect many valuables.

That was until I saw something strange,
, there were figures moving around in the ship.
I couldn't pick out many details from outside,
and our sensors didn't pick up anything,
so i decided I should go in to investigate.
Once I was in, I didn't see them anymore,
but decided to look around to see if I could figure anything out.

That's when i found this terminal,
from which I'm writing this entry.
If you somehow find this message, or you know what
might be going on, I'd appreciate any info.

Bye for now,