From: Starbloom Communal Distributive Projection
Destination: -
Position: -
Departure: -
Shipdate: 000027X1
Mode: Docked

# Status Update

* Transistioning Malkonkordo from research vessel to floating city
* Commissioned creation of Fortakune Military Vessel
* Migrating tactical crew to Fortakune

# Status Report

Captain's Log SD27X1

While Malkonkordo is equipped for battle in space, it is not prepared to go to 
war with the likes of the Pertulit Empire, especially after the damages endured 
during our civil war aboard the ship. For this reason, while on Starbloom we 
worked out a trade agreement with the residents of the Projection to gather the 
necessary supplies to begin the creation of Fortakune, a military vessel with 
the combined power and might of both Dekaosans and Starbloom. The vessel is 
currently still in construction, but with the aid of both nations, together we 
are making quick work of getting the vessel prepared to embark on its voyage 
into the cosmos. The destiny for the Malkonkordo will be to remain on Starbloom 
and transition from being a vessel to being a city for the Dekaosans who will 
not be joining Fortakune.

However, while Fortakune was originally created for the purpose of wiping out 
the Pertulit Empire, during our time in Starbloom we have discovered that 
Alportas Majeston may have arrived at the wrong conclusion as to who destroyed 
Dekaoso Prime. While going over our combined star maps and observing the known 
sectors of space where we last encountered the Pertulits we found it to be 
desolate, lifeless, and without the usual signs of scavenged planets in the 
neighboring systems that follow the course of the Pertulits. In fact, when 
analyzing the impact to Dekaoso Prime to determine the origin of the attacker 
based on the possible trajectories, it comes from nowhere near where we would 
expect the Pertulits to reside. Which leaves us with two main possibilities: 
either the Pertulits are nowhere near where we expected them to be and got 
there without any of the usual traces they leave or Dekaoso Prime was destroyed 
by someone else.

This discovery and its implications have led to a new realization that should 
have been quite obvious to us beforehand. Before, the Dekaosan Empire would 
seek out other worlds to conquer and destroy in the name of Sinjorino Diino, 
but that was the only reason we did so, because we believed it to be our right 
to eliminate weakness from the universe. However, after losing our home planet 
and being lost in space it became quite clear how small the universe is in 
respect to the resources available to all of the collective worlds living 
within it. Only due to the nature of the Projection were we able to seek refuge 
on Lucky Homes, but any other world would not be as welcoming. In fact, given 
the precedent set by the Dekaosan Empire of destroying any world that should 
reveal itself to our gaze, it should really be in the best interest of any 
world to eliminate any other discovered on principle, in fear that they may try 
to do the same to them. 

It was from this set of implications that we discovered the more likely case of 
Dekaoso Prime's destruction, once the location of our planet was discovered 
through the metadata in our messages, at least one of the worlds listening 
decided it would be best to destroy us. They could have chosen to do so because 
of the destructive nature of the Dekaosans, or just because we were another 
world that could compete with their own for resources in the galaxy in the 
future. Regardless, it was from our arrogance and hubris that led to the loss 
of our world. However, we are still planning to set off on Fortakune to travel 
the stars, but with a new goal in mind. The Projection did not care for our 
desire to destroy the other worlds to protect them, but we came to a compromise 
that aligns with our interests and their morals and ethics: we will go our to 
discover any signs of life in the universe and document exactly where they are 
relative to their neighboring stars in three dimensional space. With this 
information documented, should we ever discover them becoming a threat to 
Starbloom we can use the threat of broadcasting their location into the Quantum 
Entanglement Communicator as a means to deter them from causing any trouble 
with their world. This threat can be trusted on the grounds that the Projection 
is not inheritly violent due to them allowing another world to live among them 
on their planet without having destroyed them on principle.

This is what Fortakune will seek to complish, demonstrating the strength of our 
two worlds without the implicit destructions of any worlds. To bring about peace 
to our shared world without ever going to war. 

Together, we will survive.

~ Captain Kondukas Esperon