From: Starbloom Communal Distributive Projection
Destination: -
Position: -
Departure: -
Shipdate: 00002761
Mode: Docked

# Status Update

* Docked on Lucky Homes
* New captain in command 

# Status Report

Captain's Log SD2761

Much has occurred our last status report. During our investigation of Enketu 
Tri we discovered equipment upon the red planet neighboring it that we were 
able to use repair our communication systems. Shortly thereafter, the Captain 
contacted Dekaoso Prime to update them on the status of Malkonkordo, to have 
their engineers power back on their quantum entanglement communicator (QEC) in 
the event another incident like our's occurs, and to utilize their systems to 
query the locations of Starbloom, Lucky Homes, and the Space Cruiser Excelsior. 
He did manage to get coordinates to what we believe was the location of Lucky 
Homes, but it looks like we presently did not have any known location of 
Excelsior. Due to this realization, the Captain decided to handle the Lucky 
Homes issue himself and requested a war vessel be sent out to search for 
Excelsior. After this was done, the Captain commanded we make way towards Lucky 
Homes to "pay them a visit".

It was shortly after this took place that the events that unfolded on Dekaoso 
Prime took place and was later reported on all channels (now including QEC) by 
Alportas Majeston about the destruction of Dekaoso Prime by the Pertulit Empire.
The crew all coped with it in different ways, and one of our researchers aboard 
Malkonkordo did so by trying to deduce how the Pertulits could have possibly 
found the location of Dekaoso Prime. It was only then that they realized it was 
our fault. Malkonkordo broadcasted over the QEC our current location relative to 
a celestial body along with how long our date of departure. The Pertulits must 
have been able to work backwards from that and discover the location of Dekaoso 

Also during this time, there was a great divide that formed among the crew. On 
one side were the fundamentalists that felt that we should continue on with 
purging all life from the universe, and on the other were the pragmatists who 
felt that the threat of the Pertulits returning was too large to ignore and 
with the loss of Dekaoso Prime we should look to ally with others to have some 
hope of being able to defeat them once and for all. With tensions already high,
the discovery of the role Malkonkordo played in all of this threw everything 
into chaos. A civil war broke out throughout the ship between the two opposing 
sides, but as the extremists took out one another, those who remained tried to 
work out a way to bring peace as we have already lost enough Dekaosan life as 
it was.

Fortunately, as those on the fence were forced to pick a side it was discovered 
that most of us were on the side of the pragmatists, many still able to recall 
the stories of the Neniigo War. The fundamentalists were then given the 
ultimatum to join the pragmatists or be eliminated. It did not take long after 
this for the war to end, but by this point the Captain was nowhere to be seen 
and assumed to be one of the casualties of war. There was a need for someone to 
lead Malkonkordo, not just the next in command but someone who would represent 
the new values of the pragmatists. That was when I, Kondukas Esperon, was chosen 
to become the new captain of the Malkonkordo.

During our next meeting to decide how to proceed with eliminating the Pertulits, 
I was the one who proposed we use our new information of the location of Lucky 
Homes try to contact them and work out an alliance and peace agreement. Many of 
the fundamentalists who remained among us were against this idea and stood by 
the sentiments of their previous captain, and so another culling upon the crew 
was performed. In total we lost almost a third of our crew, but those who were 
still here were all for the new cause of allying with Lucky Homes.

Using our newly prepared communication equipment we reached out to the cats 
and, after receiving the go-ahead from Quyst Trombone, Susan of Starbloom 
invited the Malkonkordo to Lucky Homes. Upon our arrival we were greated by the 
giantic cats that were about three times the size of the average Dekaosans. 
Shortly after we finished with the docking process of the ship and getting 
through the formalities of introductions, Kiu Serĉas came forth from the vessel 
out of whatever hole he was hiding in and attacked one of the cats. Though only 
shortly introduced, this began the first battle shared between Starbloom and the 
crew of Malkonkordo as we fought Serĉas. While vastly outnumbered, he fought 
like a true Dekaosan that would make Sinjorino proud if she still looked upon 
us. However, he was no match for the foes that stood before him and his death 
brought the Malkonkordo Civil War to its end, and strengthened the new bond 
that has blossomed between Malkonkordo and Lucky Homes.

In both honor of our arrival and celebration of our victory against the late 
Captain, myself and the crew were invited to the 14th Pod's upcoming scholastic 
event. Once celebrations have come to an end, we hope this new alliance will 
aid in our ultimate goal of saving the universe from the Pertulit Empire, but 
for now we have some poetry to listen to.

Together, we will survive.

~ Captain Kondukas Esperon