From: Malkonkordo Research Vessel
Destination: SOL
Position: 884.18, -15X0.66, -5368.99
Departure: 7941.037.17
Shipdate: 00002735
Mode: Search

# Status Update

* Entered orbit of Enketu Tri
* Completed Kvieta de Ses
* Conducting research on Enketu Tri
* Awaiting arrival of other vessels

# Status Report

Captain's Log SD2735

First, a note on our extended absense and a status update.
After the last broadcast from Malkonkordo, the cultural division brought to my 
attention that based on their calculations Dekaoso Prime was observing Kvieta de 
Ses, and so we were observing this blessed of traditions.
Now that the meditations and fasting inside the sensory deprivation chambers 
have come to an end, the Malkonkordo is back online and we were delighted to 
find the auto-pilot systems safely brought Malkonkordo within orbit of Enketu 
We will remain in orbit until SD2740, until then we be using our instruments to 
take data, samples, and study the planet while we await the arrival of any 
vessels that wish to assist us in bringing our communication systems back 

With the formalities out of the way I bring my attention to you, Corpal Sam 
Arnold of the Space Cruiser Excelsior.
Unless if I am mistaken, the 500 people in your craft are meant to more or less 
be breeding stock for your species to populate and roam across another planet.
To destroy them would not be in your own or your people's best interests unless 
if your species has the means to asexually reproduce.
This differs from our understanding of the situation with Hoffnung, which 
appeared to be some form of idealistic take over where death was used as a tool 
to remove the potential non-believers that would stand in their way.
In this way, the potential non-believers were weak for trusting themselves with 
potential "extremists" (as you put it) without any safety guards on their part.
To live a life so care-free and trusting of those who motives that are unknown, 
it should be no surprise to find their life was taken by an opportunist who saw 
their vulnerabilities.
Should you, Corpal Sam Arnold, continue to live this way you risk meeting the 
same fate.

Furthermore, your routine arrogance continues to amuse us.
We agree with your assertion that trying to catch a moving target (let alone one 
moving near or beyond the speed of light) would not yield ideal results, but you 
also have to slow down and/or stop eventually.
You said it yourself, the Space Cruiser Excelsior is in search of another 
inhabitable planet and it will be that planet that we will find you.
Space may be vast, but so is the outreach of the Dekaosans as it continues to 
grow through the efforts of our research and colonizing vessels.

I will be fair, though, that since we are communicating over quantum 
entanglement communication you may be able to escape the grasps of the Dekaosans 
through whatever gap in time is between us.
However, should time keep you and your crew apart from the gift of Diino we are 
willing to settle.
Should you leave behind any offspring on this new planet you plan to inhabit 
with the 500 people you have spared eliminating now, we will be sure to finish 
the job the removing their weakness from the universe to serve the mission 
bestowed to us by Sinjorino.
In fact, the roles of the time gap could be reversed and my people have already 
found and purged you or your decendant's weakness from the universe.
Should we regain communications with Dekaoso Prime, I'll have someone check our 
records so I can let you know if we already have.
It would be the first time we had the ability to inform the weak of their 
certified demise ahead of time, and I am very curious to see if knowing about 
now would give you the ability to try and escape your fate.
A hunt through time certainly sounds like a task our soldiers would be eager to 
take up, it should help break up the monotany that interstellar genocide of 
extraterrestrials tends to bring them.

Praise be to the Sinjorino and Alportas Majeston.

~ Captain Kiu Serĉas