From: Malkonkordo Research Vessel
Destination: SOL
Position: 84X.07, -71E.6E, -3624.E8
Departure: 7941.037.17
Shipdate: 0000272E
Mode: Search

# Status Update

* N/A

# Status Report

Captain's Log SD272E

To Corporal Sam Arnold of Space Cruiser Excelsior:

You may see the matter with Starbloom as a simple misunderstanding, but it is a 
bit more complicated than that.
It is their arrogance that brought about what will be their inevitable downfall 
by the hand of the Dekaoso, not their selected choice of words during first 
They had the gall to assume their culture, religion, and wishes would be warmly 
accepted by any and all receive them, such in the same way you assume your 
culture's adversity towards bloodshed and war has any semblance of value to me 
or anyone else aboard the Malkonkordo.
No, Corporal Sam Arnold, you and Starbloom shall join the battlefield with the 
Dekaoso not because of misunderstanding, but because you both do not have the 
power to stand behind the hubris you display in the face of the universe.

The Dekaosans feel no fear in wishing to share our culture and faith with the 
universe because there is nothing and no one that holds the power to stop us.
You ask why we praise the actions of the Hoffnung rebels?
They were willing to do whatever it took to squash the head of weakness beneath 
their feet to inherit the power and freedom they felt they deserve.
You speak of honor, as if one who dies from honor or without is any less dead.
Those who died on Hoffnung under the will of the rebels died so easily because 
they placed their trust in strangers so greatly that they made themselves 
entirely helpless to the death that swept them away.

And so too shall you, Corporal Sam Arnold, and all of your crew be swept away 
into the arms of death.
The Space Cruiser Excelsior may be out of reach to the Malkonkordo at this time,
but Dekaosan's reach over the universe is far and wide.
Once we regain communications with Dekaoso Prime, we will alert them to your 
ship and the hunt will begin.
Maybe once you realize how quickly we will find you and judge your merit to the 
universe in trial by combat will you truly understand the might and superiority 
that Dekaoso wields over all others.

As always, it has been a pleasure speaking with you, Corporal Sam Arnold.

Praise be to the Sinjorino and Alportas Majeston.

~ Captain Kiu Serĉas