From: Malkonkordo Research Vessel
Destination: SOL
Position: 837.65, -373.43, -2E10.0E
Departure: 7941.037.17
Shipdate: 00002728
Mode: Search

# Status Update

* Override destination, set to "SOL"
* Override mode, set to "Search"

# Status Report

Captain's Log SD2728

To Corporal Sam Arnold of Space Cruiser Excelsior:

One who does not condone war is one who rejects the will of our Diino, and to 
ask that of my people is ask for heresy, blasphemy, and to turn our backs on 
all that we believe in.
While at first I wished for us to find each other in the battlefields of 
justice so that I may discover which one of us was destined to inherit this 
world, I must also thank you.
Your messages to the other ships have brought further attention to the logs on 
RS001 and we have now seen the full extent of what this "SOL" has to offer to 
the universe.
We understand not why so many have harbored ill feelings towards the rebels of 
Hoffnung, for they have purged the weak from this world as Sinjorino asks of 
all Her warriors. 
For this we commend the crew of Hoffnung for carrying out Diino's work.

As for the rest of the ships we read of, I can smell the weakness in your 
people as you try to use only words to change the world around you, but it 
seems only the "anarcho-communists" of Hoffnung understand the truth that 
actions and the spilling of blood is the only true path in this world. While 
our initial mission was to reach Procul Locus, we see now that our efforts are 
better suited for finding this "SOL" to share with it the faith and might of 

To Susan of Starbloom Communal Distributive Projection:

We graciously accept your invitation to "Lucky Homes" for we agree that this 
would be prosperous and beneficial for both parties.
If you would like to ease our efforts of locating your establishment, it would 
be greatly appreciated by myself and my crew.
If not, I assure you that we will find our way to you, one way or another.

To all others:

The crew of Malkonkordo is nothing if we do not stand by our word. 
While our primary directives have shifted focus, our prior intentions have not.
We still intend to make way to Enketu Tri on SD272X and to arrive on SD2735 in 
the event any ships were making prior arrangements to meet with us there.
As well, we stand behind our promise to begin our search for SOL and/or "Lucky 
Homes" come SD2740, whichever we discover first.

Praise be to the Sinjorino and Alportas Majeston.

~ Captain Kiu Serĉas