From: Malkonkordo Research Vessel
Destination: Procul Locus
Position: 832.68, -371.36, -309X.64
Departure: 7941.037.17
Shipdate: 00002727
Mode: Requesting Assistance

# Status Update

* N/A

# Status Report

Captain's Log SD2727 [2]

To Susan of Starbloom, the rest of their crew, and the people of "Lucky Homes":

You have brought upon yourself the wrath of the Dekaosan pride, honor, and 
Your question of my people's understanding of the primitive technology that 
employs the workings of QEC is both insulting and speaks to your arrogance and 
We are well aware of the space/time implications of the technology, and sent 
our call for assistance under the assumption that someone with the means of 
locating our vessel (e.g. one of our fellow Dekaosan research vessels) within 
fourth dimensional proximity to us could lend us their aid.

Furthermore, our records of the celestial bodies may not employ the same naming 
scheme your humanity used to name SOL, but I assure you that we have sufficient
documentation of this system in our star maps.
However, you and your people may find it best to pray to your "Diana" to "guard 
your souls from despair" as I inform you that if we ever find you, Starbloom, 
and/or "Lucky Homes" we will prosecute you in trial by combat to behold the 
will of Diino, the one and only will of the universe.
May the powerful inherit the worlds, the unworthy be purged from it, and all
warriors bask in the blessing of Sinjorino on the battlefields of justice.

I pray that you intend to follow through with your promise to provide spiritual 
aid for we wish to share the wrath of Diino with you and your people, as is the 
ways of the Dekaoso. 
Also, I assure you that the Dekaosan people will never again see the bane that 
is our sun for we have removed that giant in the sky long ago as one of 
demonstrations of power we wield over this world. 
To wish for it's return is to oppose the might of Dekaoso and we welcome the 
Come SD2740, we will depart from Enketu Tri and make it our objective to find 
your SOL and share the Sinjorino faith with you and your people.

With that being said, we would still appreciate any assistance those of fourth 
dimensional proximity to our vessel so that we may obtain the necessary 
components to replace those damaged in our communications infracture from the 
incident of SD2726.

Praise be to the Sinjorino and Alportas Majeston.

~ Captain Kiu Serĉas