From: Malkonkordo Research Vessel
Destination: Procul Locus
Position: 830.52, -36X.28, -2895.4X
Departure: 7941.037.17
Shipdate: 00002727
Mode: Requesting Assistance

# Status Update

* Electrical damage to communication equipment in server room(s)
* Two members of the crew in custody
* Zero known casaulties
* Communication infrasture now only running on primative fallback system
* Override emergency mode, set to "Requesting Assistance" 

# Status Report

Captain's Log SD2727

Our system reports show we are now only broadcasting on our fallback 
communications system, QEC. 

Further investigation has shown that there was extensive damage suffered by 
some of our equipment that included both our primary and backup communication 
infrastructure that was used to contact home. 

Due to the fact that the surveillance equipment was also damaged in the 
affected rooms, the engineers on-hand during the time of the incident are being 
detained until the archival footage (which appears to still be intact) has been 
examined to determine the innocence of the accused.

However, by the glory of Diino we have not lost any equipment used for our
field work and have retained all data and notes gathered during our time on 

Due to the nature of the research expedition and The Protocol set forth by 
Alportas Majeston, forever shall he reign, in the event that one of Dekaoso's 
vessels are lost it is imperative that we regain communications. 

For this reason, we are formally requesting the aid and/or assistance of any 
who are able.

The QEC system shows an abundance of logs from a relay station in "Lagrange 
point L4" within the "SOL system", so we must be within close proximity to this 
location if that means anything to anyone reading this.

For our fellow vessels of the Dekaoso Empire, we are currently 1.77% of the way 
to Procul Locus from Dekaoso Prime at coordinates 830.52, -36X.28, -2895.4X 
with a trajectory vector of 7.13 -5.17 -236.81 given a launch date of 
7941.037.17 from Dekaoso Prime.

Unless if we meet with another craft before then, on SD272X we intend to detour 
to the nearest celestial body Enketu Tri, of which we already designated in our 
last report on SD2711 as a potential candidate to research further before the 
incident on SD2726.

This will place Malkonkordo at Enketu Tri on SD2735, barring any unforeseen 

Again, if there are any who are able the crew of Malkonkordo would like to 
formally enlist their services to aid in the continuation of our work.

Praise be to the Sinjorino and Alportas Majeston.

~ Captain Kiu Serĉas