Greetings and cordiality,

I will have following the correspondences shared on this QEC for some
time now. It is clear that languages spoken aboard our ship are
distanced from those spoken commonly accross the galaxy, but I have
granted samples of the QEC into the thinking machine, and I believe my
communication should be decipherable, but kindly forgive if it lacks
natural cadence.

Some of my feeling tells me to begin immediately detailing my
experiences and unique viewpoint, but to do so without proper
introduction would not provide for adequate context for understanding my

I am Hannitori. This is not my true designation. In fact, in my language
this means "Personal Designation-without," or, more naturally:
"Nameless." Not meaning that I am without name, but the stories I will
be recounting are not alone mine. Some messages will be personal
accounts, and others will be retellings of ancestral accounts. Because
of the limitations of interstellar travel, I can speak only to
experiences aboard my ship as I have not yet seen a planet, but I am
studied all my life the past sojourns in preparation for my own. I am
lucky that I will have a chance to see a planet while I am young. Upon
my ship there are some generations who live and die without ever
witnessing any astrological phenomenon. I will not only see a planet,
but we will be observing a populated system.

Be prepared for further discussions,