29243482454893 - [erro] - macondo emergency log
29243482454986 - [erro] - cryo thawing failure: /dev/cryo02 EOF SEGFAULT
29243482454992 - [warn] - activating emergency cerebral thawing for /dev/cryo02
29243482465864 - [info] - mounting /dev/cortex02 on /legacy/mnt/sos0
29243482475749 - [info] - piping /legacy/mnt/sos0 into /dev/qec

at last...

it felt like nothing, but at the bare minimum it's been a couple centuries.

can't feel my limbs still. I wonder how long it will take. to think my cowardice
is forcing me to live who knows how many centuries more.

I don't like this feeling. it's like one of those dreams I used to have...
except she's no longer next to me to wake me up.

I hate this feeling... not so much that I don't feel my limbs... I hate not
feeling time. depending on how long I've been at the thawing process, my brain
could well be working at the pace of a snail. no way for me to tell; I have no
point of reference... I can't see anything moving, except my stupid memories.

I don't want to remember all the mistakes I made... I wish only to remember why
I am doing this. there most be a good reason. I hope there is.

this is taking longer than I expected... but then again, I don't know how long
it's taking.

what the fuck is going on? this is for sure not normal.

usually by now I should be able to move my fucking pinkies...

it can't be a system failure. sure, the software is old as hell, but that's the
point. it has been battle tested for centuries.

fuck. I hate darkness. how come my eyelids can't detect a single photon passing
by. at least I have some vivid memories.

those eyes. honey. the main reason I used to go to the dentist was to see those
honey eyes. she didn't need to speak for me to know she was from Iran. focus.

this is definitely not normal...