Is this thing recording? Computer, I've upgraded you to record and transcribe
voicelogs. Oh, it's working! Thank the stars!

Hey, Susan. It's me again, 2M. Words cannot express my regret, nor can they
express my gratitude. Before any further action is taken, please do not do any
more "rituals" of any sort in my honor. It. is. not needed. It is true,
though, that our people do not value unneeded destruction. That star you
destroyed could have been studied, you know.

(There is a brief pause.)

Considering that your words have suggested that Jacson, Emory, and Molly are
mere children, it is without doubt that your people are incredibly powerful. I
have no idea what seed, spark, or drug you are talking about, but the idea
that three kids can create an entire solar system is almost impossible to
fathom. It is fair to say that amends have been made.

Please tell Brunhilda Ogandabe to get some sleep. I have recieved permission
to send the research paper written about the plant by my coworkers to you in
the name of scientific endeavor. Why Brunhilda is so obsessed with this stupid
stupid STUPID PLANT I will likely never understand.

(The voice of an older man takes over the recording.)
Again, Stevenson?
"Yes... the spacedust printer broke again."
Sheesh! When will you people learn to be more gentle with technology?!

(2M is heard to leave the room. The recording automatically ends after 2
minutes of silence.)