Don't judge me! I'm just trying to see what else I can change, damn it.

I know people outside of this ship can read these, through the QEC. As such, I
should probably explain some things. You already know I'm a programmer aboard
the MSS Endereon, a ship with many purposes. We're flying through various star
systems to find extraterrestrial life. The bio-guys and the astronaut explorer
fellows go down to each planet, collect samples and data, then leave. I try to
follow along with the daily happenings. We reach new places almost every cycle
thanks to our mysterious (to me, at least) FTL technology. During my off-time,
I'm allowed to wander around the ship and view the samples that are being
stored in bio-containment.

There's some really, really weird stuff in bio-containment.

Apparently, a few kilocycles ago, they found a plant on some planet that
reminded them of Earth, the birthplace of humanity as we know it. I don't
remember much about the incident - I'm only 9, after all - but the plant is
still in bio-containment. It's surrounded by soundproofing material. Why, you
might ask, does a plant need soundproofing? Is it sensitive to loud noises?
No. It's not for the plant, it's for us.

The plant screams.

It's just constantly screaming. I hate the thing. Sometimes my boss asks me to
help out by refilling the auto-waterer, and every time I get close, I can hear
it scream. I feel like the biologist dudes only put it in containment in the
first place as a prank, or maybe as the world's funniest / least funny alarm
clock. It's not even a weird or interesting plant to look at, either, it looks
similar to the snapdragon flowers in the Mental Wellness Garden. I think the
plant has a tongue, but I'm no biologist.

I'll keep whoever reads these updated on the stuff that's going on as I tinker
with this old-as-balls logging software. Who in their right mind would make
software that works like this? I still hate it!