,   .           .    +      .     o 
    .            , 
        *       -o-               .         .          *        .
                     ,         *          -0====>
     / /                                                 '
    / /         ___              ___     //  ___      ___      ___    
   / /        //   ) ) ||  / / //___) ) // //   ) ) //   ) ) //___) ) 
  / /        //   / /  || / / //       // //   / / //       //        
 / /____/ / ((___/ /   ||/ / ((____   // ((___( ( ((____   ((____     

--------------------- [SB-129 Class Starship] ----------------------

	Earth Date:	2312-08-17T23:01:48Z
	System uptime:	17 days
	Location:	unknown

At 2312-07-30T19:47:24Z three unauthorized entities were detected inside
the vessel and System was reactivated.

> embed 2312-07-30sa.tscript

Fetching transcription file...

SYSTEM:		"Tactical Alert: unauthorized presence detected in section 
		 γ 'Docking-Port'."
UNKNOWN:	"What?"
UNKNOWN-1:	"Beautiful. You said they would have no alarms. Smooth in 
		 and out you said."
UNKNOWN:	"I didn't expect the system to be online in the first place. 
		 How is it even functioning after so long?"
UNKNOWN-2:	"Would someone shut off that awful noise?"
SYSTEM:		"Attempted override detected. Blocking command functions 
		 from section γ terminals."
UNKNOWN-1:	"Great job."
UNKNOWN:	"You're not helping. Let's just head to the command center 
		 and shut this thing up."
SYSTEM:		"Unauthorized precense proceeding to section α 'Bridge'. 
		 Tactical Alert: high priority."
UNKNOWN:	"There you are. Now.."
(clicking, beeping)
UNKNOWN-1:	"I can still hear it, Aanya."
SYSTEM:		"Matching designation 'AANYA' to 'UNKNOWN' entity"
AANYA:		"Great, now it knows my name. Why don't you do something 
		 useful for a change and start looking for valuables? 
		 See if you can find any equipment or spare parts 
		 that we can use!"
(rumbling, clashing)
UNKNOWN-2:	"How is it coming along?"
AANYA:		"Promting for a pass code. Could take forever. Let's just 
		 gather what we can and leave."
UNKNOWN-2:	"Why must we stop the Alarm? It is not like anyone hears it?"
UNKNOWN-1:	"I hear it.."
AANYA:		"Just because the ship is deserted doesn't mean the system 
		 can't call for backup."
UNKNOWN-2:	"It has been out here longer than our ages combined.
		 Who is to say the Empire which built it still stands? 
		 Why do we not try.." 
SYSTEM:		"Initializing System AI social-protocol"
AANYA:		"What? What did you press?"
UNKNOWN-2:	"Here. The button bears a smiley face."
SYSTEM:		"Entity Aanya, Unknown entities 1 and 2, explain your presence
		 on the 'Bridge'."
UNKNOWN-1:	"Uhm.."
UNKNOWN-2:	"Greetings, computer. My name is Xēcnes, my friend here is 
UNKNOWN-1:	"Xec, what the M'ghs don't tell it my-"
UNKNOWN-2:	"...St'Wek Q12. Are you aware that your ship has been deserted 
		 for a long time?"
SYSTEM:		"Matching designations 'XECNES' and 'ST-WEK' to  entities 
		 'UNKNOWN-1' and 'UNKNOWN-2'. Internal sensors show no 
		 passengers beside entities Aanya, St'Wek Q12 and Xēcnes
		 on board. Explain!"
ST-WEK:		"Like Xec said: deserted."
AANYA:		"It's something of an urban legend in this sector. 
		 A lone vessel from a far off system that's been drifting 
		 through space for quite a while. Like most people, we 
		 didn't think there was anything to it. Then we 
		 picked you up on long range sensors a few weeks ago and, 
		 well, this certainly looks like no ship design I'm 
		 familiar with. Where do you come from, if I might ask?"
SYSTEM:		"Unauthorized entities must account for location of the 
ST-WEK:		"We don't know where they are, though. For all we know
		 they've been dead for a long time. Or maybe they got fed 
		 up with that horrible alarm and bailed on you."
SYSTEM:		"Unable to locate crew. Vessel has been boarded. 
		 Initiating Self Destruct protocol.."
ST-WEK:		"Bit drastic.."
AANYA:		"Our cue to hit the road. St'Wek, grab as much of that 
		 stuff as you can carry!"
SYSTEM:		"Sealing bridge doors.."
AANYA:		"Ah."
ST-WEK		"Beautiful."
AANYA:		"I guess I'll have another crack at it."
SYSTEM:		"Destruction of the ship in 1 minute."
ST-WEK:		"How long is that??"
XECNES:		"Please, computer, be reasonable. If you scan the docking 
		 port you will note that our own ship is no match 
		 for this one. It is but a tenth of its size and made from
		 spare parts.
		 How could we have overpowered you?"
SYSTEM:		"Remaining time: 50 seconds."
ST-WEK:		"That doesn't sound good."
XECNES:		"You must see that something does not compute about
		 this situation. How long have you been offline?
		 Do you even know where you are?"
SYSTEM:		"Last system activity 27956 days ago. Location:... Error.
		 Unable to determine location."
ST-WEK:		"Getting real tired of time measurements I don't understand. 
AANYA:		"I'm trying my best."
SYSTEM:		"Remaining time: 20 seconds."
ST-WEK:		"Aanya, if I die I want you to know... I blame you."
XECNES:		"It will not see sense. I blame the engineer."
AANYA:		"Damn it!"
SYSTEM:		"Remaining time: 10 seconds. 9. 8. 7."
(fizzing, crackling)
SYSTEM:		"Shutting down..."

> embed --start 89 --end 113 "Personal Log: Xēcnes"

Fetching Personal Log excerpt...

"What did you do", I inquired. 
Aanya had, in her own words, been "Working the old magic". 
There was, of course, nothing magical to it, which is not to say it was not 
She had reached into the console with her long, purple arm - 
phasing through it like it was nonexistent - until finally locating the 
appropriate cabels and pulling them out; taking the system offline and leaving 
us in the dark, without power.
St'Wek was displeased - why had she not thought to try this earlier? 
Aanya illustrated to us that it had been a dangerous course of action, as the
invasive procedure could have activated backup systems. She did not want to 
embark on this course until absolutely necessary.
No backup systems were activated and I made a mental note of this as yet 
another design flaw in the ship's system.

After Aanya had brought back enough power to enable us to walk about, but not 
enough power to blast us out into space, there was much discussion 
about our next steps. We finally decided to keep the ship.
Aanya worked on hacking the system for a long time, while St'Wek and I 
inspected the vessel. We found no corpses aboard, nor any other sign of 
inhabitants (no personal items etc). We indexed 35 rooms on two levels, 
including the control room that the ship had referred to as the 'Bridge'.

After restarting the modified system we met a much more agreeable AI.

> embed --start 0 --end 58 2312-07-31sa.tscript

Fetching transcription file...

AANYA:		"That should do it. Hello again!"
SYSTEM:		"Hello Aanya. Welcome to the Lovelace."
ST-WEK:		"Lovelace?"
SYSTEM:		"Starship Lovelace, SB-129 Class."
XECNES:		"A peculiar name.."
AANYA:		"Now, System, let's start over. Where, please and thank you, 
		 do you come from and what is your function?"
SYSTEM:		"The Starship Lovelace was constructed on Earth's moon colony.
		 It began it's first mission at 2229-04-21T12:01:49Z. 
		 The objective  was the long distance transport of 22 
		 civilians to outpost Phobos."
ST-WEK:		"'Earth', did my translator pick that up right? As in dirt?"
AANYA:		"Hmm, lets.."
(clicking, beeping)
AANYA:		"What's your function?"
SYSTEM:		"The Lovelace is home to Aanya, Xēcnes and St'Wek Q12. The 
		 System's objective is to protect its inhabitans."
AANYA:		"M-hm, that's what I like to hear."
XECNES:		"System, tell us more about this 'Earth'"
SYSTEM:		"Earth is a planet within the Solar system. It is home 
		 to humankind."
AANYA:		"When did the Lovelace send its most recent transmission
		 to Earth."
SYSTEM:		"The Quantum Entanglement Communicator's last message was sent
		 27957 days ago."
ST-WEK:		"You couldn't change the time system?"
AANYA:		"I could not. This is good news, everybody, the 'humans' don't 
		 know we stole their vessel."
ST-WEK:		"I'd hardly call it theft. After all that time 'finders 
		 keepers' applies."
XECNES:		"Did the passangers arrive at outpost Phobos?"
SYSTEM:		"Insufficient data."
XECNES:		"We have to tell them."
AANYA:		"Begging your pardon?"
XECNES:		"I will 'go out on a limb' and assume that something went wrong 
		 during transport. It is highly likely that the entire crew 
		 died or, at least for all Earth knows, mysteriously 
		 disappeared. Think of how jarring this mystery must 
		 be to their kin. We would bring them peace."
ST-WEK:		"We'd bring ourselves more trouble. 
		 Sorry Xec, I'm with Aanya on this."
AANYA:		"Besides, their families are probably dead themselves by now,
		 who knows how long it's been. The Earths probably forgot
		 all about this ship by now."
XECNES:		"Then, perhaps it would be beneficial to learn their timing 
AANYA:		"Even then, I don't think it's worth the hassle."
XECNES:		"I believe we have found this vessel so that we could inform
		 Earth about what has happened."
ST-WEK:		"Not that spiritual talk again, Xec, I swear to M'ghs."
(prolonged silence)
AANYA:		"Look, lets just put this on hold and settle in first, 
		 alright? We can check the System later and have a whole 
		 conversation about it. First lets bring the Haven inside,
ST-WEK:		"On it."
SYSTEM:		"Explain 'Haven'!"
XECNES:		"That is the name of our .. old ship."

> embed --start 30 --end 38 "Personal Log: Aanya of Faino"

Fetching Personal Log excerpt...

The Lovelace is much more roomy and hospitable than our old rust bucket, 
despite carrying the dust of over 70 Earth 'years'. 
We've chosen personal rooms and familiarized ourselves with System's database, 
including the timing system. Although I still believe sending a message is 
unnecessary, I've agreed to let System compile a message to its origin. 
Mostly to shut Xēcnes up.
I don't believe it will even reach them, which is mostly why I'm fine with it. 
Beside that I gather that the humans are very far away and their interest in 
this ship is minimal, meaning we have little to fear from them.


# Appendix #
Greetings, Earthlings.
I have been studying your history with fascination. It appears this is a
greeting you traditionally expect from Alien visitors.
I am not a visitor to your 'Earth' planet, nor do I wish to conquer
your lands, like the Aliens in your films.
Visitor to a vessel that I am sure is associated with a great puzzle on 
your world, I intend to do my best in finding out what happened to the crew 
of the Lovelace while I am here.

Reporting to you in peace